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Divorce Timeline

What to expect
Consult with Attorney

You prepare for divorce based on your attorney’s advice

Attorney prepares summons and complaint

Client indicates they are ready to serve the spouse “the papers”

Marshall Serves the summons and complaint on the spouse – Automatic Orders are in effect – The Return Date and the Case Management Date are disclosed on the paper work.

Spouse hires attorney and submits answer/cross complaint

Pendente Lite motions filed with complaint or answer/cross-complaint
1. exclusive possession of the marital residence
2. alimony
3. child support
4. custody

Court appearance - Pendente Lite Motions heard by the court - Financial affidavits are exchanged – referral to family relations

If you have children
1. Motions for appointment of Guardian ad Litem and/or Attorney for the Children
2. Parenting education class – mandatory for both parents
3. Referred to family relations

Discovery is requested by each party. Each Party must present all requested material within 30 days unless they file an - objection to the discovery request. An objection to discovery initiates another court date.

1. Attorneys communicate with each other and with their respective clients to come to terms on all matters.
2. Family relations pre-trial
3. Special Masters
4. Judicial Pre-trial
5. Trial

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