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Connecticut law recognizes that life circumstances change and that settlement agreements or divorce decrees that were once satisfactory to all parties, can eventually need alteration to cater to unanticipated changes. The variables include job loss, changes in income, illness and injury and other extenuating circumstances can make an original agreement or court order impossible to meet a families current needs. State law provides for post-decree modification and is typically seen for alterations of custody, alimony and child support. If the terms of your divorce decree have ceased to work because of a significant change of circumstances — you may be able to obtain a modification to your decree.

There are burdens the party bringing modification must meet. For example, in order to change custody, the other parent must show that there has been a significant change of circumstances and that the current custody order is no longer in the child's interest. There are a host of examples the court deems pertinent including employment, substance abuse, physical abuse, schedule changes, relocation and individual children’s needs.

In order to change child support or alimony, one must show a substantial change of circumstances to change the terms of the existing financial support, such as a loss of job or reduced income of the party paying support, new employment or increase in income by the party receiving support, substantial increase in income of the party paying alimony or child support and extraordinary medical expenses.

Because Sol focuses on family law, he is intimately familiar with the laws regarding post-decree modifications and the specific situations which will support a successful motion for modification. Once the burden is met, Sol’s litigation experience allows for a successful outcome.

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