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Arguably one of the hardest emotional journeys a family has to go through is a divorce. Filled with tense emotions, unchartered waters and a tremendous sense of loss it can be a challenge just to know where to begin in the process. Considerable professionalism and compassion is required to directly address the sensitive issues involving marital property, alimony, child custody, parenting plans and child support. The client’s choice of advocate or legal representative is potentially the most important decision he or she will make during the divorce process. It is a choice to be taken seriously by both client and attorney. Sol works very hard to make the transition into a dissolution of marriage action as smooth and easy as possible. It is your right to have ready access to all information about your rights as you decide to move forward with a divorce. Only then will you be properly equipped to make informed decisions for your future. In addition to the primary goal of educating his clients about their rights, Sol is always committed to guiding his clients through the divorce process as quickly, efficiently, and with as little acrimony as possible given the particular circumstances of each family. At The Law Offices of Sol Mahoney, all representation in each case is conducted with these goals in mind.

Whenever the issues and dispositions of the parties permit, Mediation or Collaborative Law should be used to settle divorce cases out of court. When the issues are not as conciliatory for settlement or one of the parties refuses to settle, the protection of marital rights in a divorce requires tough advocacy in court. Sol Mahoney offers just such an advocate.

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