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Child Support

Child support is an amount of money that one or both parties must pay in order to support the children. Governed by set guidelines produced by the state of Connecticut so as to provide uniform procedures for establishing an adequate level of support for children, and for repayment of child support arrearages, subject to the ability of parents to pay. In some cases, a court can deviate from these guidelines if sufficient evidence is produced to do so.

Divorce is an emotional experience for you and for your children as well. Leaving a relationship where finances were combined and shared to the families benefit is a vulnerable place to find yourself. Your attorney needs to work tirelessly to determine what dollar figure will constitute appropriate and just support of your child or children. Sol will represent you with comprehensive knowledge of the Connecticut child support guidelines with the experience and tenacity to ask the right questions, insist of the appropriate documentation and financial history and analyze everything with a fine tooth comb. It is essential to your new families future that this matter be handled with the utmost care and accuracy.

Child Support Guidelines

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