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As your Attorney, I promise to lead you through the legal process.  Together we will review your best options and choose the best strategy for your situation.  I guarantee that we will map out your goals and expectations regarding your file.  I will answer all of your questions and I will educate you regarding the process.  You will have a comfort level about how we will proceed and I will advise and advocate for you in accordance with your expectations.  I promise to protect your legal interests from the beginning to the end.
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My Philosophy

Exceptional and honorable legal representation and the highest levels of client service form the very core of my practice. In every family law matter — whether involving a pre-nuptial agreement, divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, parenting plans, visitation, relocation, property and asset division or a post-judgment modification. I am sensitive to each client's emotional and financial concerns. In every negotiation, I am loyal only to you, your family and your needs. I personally participate in and devote my time and energy to every phase of each client’s matter in order to help achieve the optimal result in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. When necessary, I am your strongest and most assertive advocate. In cases that require a more subdued and sensitive approach, I offer a pragmatic and sensible strategy. Above all, I am here to guide and advise my clients with empathy, knowledge and a personalized individual strategy for success.

My History

Sol Edward Mahoney attended Villanova University where he received a BA in Economics. Fueled by an undergraduate concentration in contract and business law, his interest in the legal industry inspired him to attend law school. He graduated from Quinnipiac College School of Law and combining his legal and economic background took a position with Ernst and Young in Stamford, CT where he worked as a Tax Consultant.

In 2000, Sol opened his own firm in Connecticut and with his partner grew a successful law practice serving the greater Fairfield County area, establishing themselves as leaders in the industry for the next 10 years. In 2010, Sol expanded his practice to Fairfield where he set up as a solo practitioner. Bringing with him his years of litigation and contract experience his firm continues to flourish as he achieves successful outcomes for his valued clients. Specializing in Family Law, Sol has found his true calling as he works with individuals and families as a confidant and negotiator for some of their most important life decisions. Respected by his peers and lauded by his clientele, Sol brings a uniquely compassionate and real world practicality to every aspect of his practice navigating each step with communication, integrity and genuineness. Sol bases the foundation of his entire practice on achieving his clients desired results honoring these core values.


Trusted and experienced representation

Thorough and experienced representation is paramount when traversing the complicated and sometimes acrimonious waters of a Divorce or Family Law litigation.

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The discovery of hidden assets is one of Sol’s strongest litigation abilities. He is clever in the court room and during cross examination of my then spouse he was able to unveil the tangled trail of hidden money and bank accounts. Sol’s financial background combined with his relentless pursuit for fairness provided me with the equitable division of assets that I was looking for.

I hired Sol to help me get more parenting time with my son. The other side had indulged in a nasty pattern of lying to anyone who would listen. Sol immediately saw through the indulgences and filed the appropriate motions with the court. Due to Sol’s guidance and know how I received all of the parenting time I requested.

When I retained Sol I was scared and emotionally distraught about my divorce. Sol helped me gain my composure by first listening to the issues surrounding my children and me. Sol educated me about the divorce process and we then developed a strategy that resulted in a very favorable agreement for me and my children.

The strange thing about my divorce was that sometimes it was very amicable and sometimes it was hideously tense and volatile. What was so perfect about my attorney was that he thrived on my behalf in either environment. I never felt compromised. He was tough and persistent when I needed to fight and conciliatory when it was appropriate and important. I couldn't have asked for a more well rounded attorney because in my case, I needed him to be able to be both.